Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to Import ICS to Exchange Calendar Effortlessly

This article describes that why a user wants to move iCal to Exchange Calendar and the best ways to move/ import ICS to Exchange Calendar in few easy steps. However, it has always been a difficult task for users who have a bulk of calendar files and they want to move ICS file to Exchange Calendar or any other platform for that matter. A very popular method to migrate ICS to Microsoft Exchange Calendar will be discussed in this blog. It is known that successful business establishments often need a proper communication between one to another organization.

 As the matter of fact that for communication there are several online platforms, but face-to-face meetings play a very important role. To remember each and every meeting related to businesses one has to set a reminder on the calendar. So, this is how calendar plays a very essential role when it comes to any important event or meeting. ICS is a file format for storage of calendar supported by many email applications. Quite often users want to import ICS to Exchange calendar due to some of the professional needs.

Why to Import ICS file to Exchange Calendar

Before going further, let us discuss some scenarios to understand that what kind of issue users may face to transfer ICS file to Exchange Calendar:
  • Scenario 1
  • "Yesterday, I received an invitation of my friend’s anniversary, which is on next week. He sent me an invitation in ICS format and I generally use Exchange. As soon as I got the email I tried to open it but was unable to open that mail. I tried it many times, but all my efforts in vain. I asked my brother and he said that I should look for a method to import ICS to Exchange calendar. I browsed in for the same and here, again I was not able to find any suitable method. Can anyone suggest me any easy method to export ICS file to Exchange calendar?"
  • Scenario 2
  • "I work in an organization where generally those events that are created for a calendar are in ICS format. Now, I want to move iCal file to Exchange calendar due to some professional reasons. I tried to look for some methods and tried one method. However, that method proves to be of no use. I am pissed off as my boss wants me to complete the given task as soon as possible. I don’t know how to import ICS calendar files to exchange calendar, can anyone please suggest me a better solution for the same?"

Ultimate Methods to Import ICS to Exchange Calendar

There are majorly two methods using, which users can move ICS file to Exchange Calendar:
  • Method 1: Manual Method
  • You need to follow these steps, which are mentioned below for the accomplishment of the ICS to Exchange Calendar migration task:
    • Firstly, you need to select or highlight the calendar with the events, which you want to export.
    • Now, to export the calendar, click on the option of File then to Export and then again on Export.
    • Next, save the calendar, which you have exported to any place in the device. Give a name to that calendar so that you can find it easily.
    • To proceed further, choose or mark the calendar in which you want to import the event.
    • Then, to import that calendar click on File, then on Import and then again on Import.
    • Select that file that has been created by you in step 3.
    • It will now prompt you to choose that calendar in, which you want to import the items into.
    • I have named Calendar to the Hostage Exchange Calendar.
    • Now, you need to click on OK button and this will start the import process to the new calendar.
    • As soon as the import is finished, the calendar will also begin to sync to your Hosted Exchange account, which will then connected to any other computers, or mobile devices that you are connecting to your Hosted Exchange account.

    Limitations of Manual Method
    There are some limitations in this manual method like:
    • A User have to spend much time for the migration of ICS to Exchange calendar.
    • When the user want to shift multiple iCal files in bulk then this manual method is not convenient.
    • The method to move/ transfer iCalendar to Exchange Calendar, is tough for those who have less knowledge in technicalities.

  • Method 2: Alternative Method

  • To overcome the limitations of manual method users can go for an alternative way to Import ICS to Exchange Calendar. This alternative method includes the use of a third party utility. With the help of this, the users can migrate all essential calendar file in ICS format to Exchange calendar.


    Calendar files play a very important role for organizations or for personal use. So, in the above section of the blog, we have gone through some scenarios that are responsible that why the users want to move ICS file to Exchange calendar. We have discussed how to migrate/ transfer ICS files to Exchange Calendar in few easy steps along with an automated method. Users can use any of these as per their convenience to import ICS to Exchange Calendar.


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